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Business Development

Business Development provides small and medium sized businesses with an opportunity to enhance their business though exceptional products offered by Telecompute. For larger business our software can dramatically reduce the costs associated with licensing products from Microsoft or many other corporations.  For small to medium business belonging to a wide variety of industries, our product can help launch your business into the next level by providing an innovative and streamlined approach to a number of your administrative and technical requirements.  At Telecompute, we support the needs of entrepreneurs at every stage of growth.

Telecompute delivers high quality products with extraordinary support and service to numerous entrepreneurs.  We have a diverse client portfolio including leisure, retail, transport, manufacturing, distribution as well as the public sector.

Telecompute is currently looking to further globalize its products and services through partnerships:

a. Distributors for distributing DigitalAnchor and Twine from their portals,
b. Developers to enhance our product by utilizing their entrepreneurial skills and desire to integrate their intellectual prowess into our powerful products,
c. Resellers and integrators to provide a complete network solutions to small and medium businesses,
d. Consultants and highly innovative professionals to take responsibility for developing pipeline business opportunities, forging relationships with key decision makers and presenting solutions at the highest level
e. Accountants and accounting firms to adopt the flexible and original technology that offers their clients an Internet based solution.
f. Offering the user community a chance to reduce the costs of their IT expenditure but more importantly to allow them to focus on their core-competencies while giving them the opportunity for personal time.

The objective of Telecompute International Inc. is very simple and open. We intend to develop, increase and further our business through relations with other individuals and corporate entities. The business opportunity is vast and we hope everyone will benefit from this strategy.

The requirement for such a relationship is also very straightforward. We are providing entities the opportunity to download and install our package with use of up to 5 user licenses.

Please register as a partner of Telecompute once you have:
a. Downloaded the software to review its capabilities
b. Converted some of your manual operations or other application to DigitalAnchor or Twine
c. If you would like to further support the growth of small and medium business in your community and beyond.

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