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Digital Stick
Digital Stick gives users access to a portable, fully functioning, database-driven application. This environment is completely secure and works with the high performance relational database engine Digital Anchor.

Digital Stick allows for extreme versatility by being deployed on flash drives, which enables an independent environment on which applications run. This portable and self-contained environment alleviates any security issues as no data trails are left behind.

Security is at the core of Digital Stick, guaranteeing controlled data access and maintaining data integrity. This is provided through hidden and encrypted data techniques that are customizable to each application.

Digital Stick ensures that data is always available and at the same time frees applications from common database constraints.

Three key benefits to Digital Stick are its portability, security, and versatility.

  • Portable
    • With Digital Stick, users are allowed mobility between systems as they access their information instantly and configure solutions from portable media on any operating system.

  • Secure
    • High-level security measures are customized to each application and ensure that the right measures are provided to maintain privacy in using Digital Stick.
    Digital Stick
  • Versatile
    • Digital Stick lets applications run and store data without using any drive space, which creates a self-sufficient and independent environment from the host operating system.
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