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Application Development

Telecompute model for Application Development

Telecompute offers an application development platform that completely works with business software and expert technical software consultant services for organizations that are looking to:

. Improve business processes
. Improve your products and services
. Get value from your core business data

Application development has changed dramatically in the last few years. Considerations are now given to new architectures, integration models, adoptions of outsourcing solutions and the pressure from the business to build simple yet robust and secure applications. It is extremely difficult for a company to survive in business unless they have a business model that uses the Internet infrastructure to deliver their products and services.

At Telecompute, we offer state of art solutions. We offer technical expertise, collaborations, a complete software platform, compliance and accountability to your application development team.

Our business model is ideally suited to businesses that are growing and need to evaluate data, to use in their business right away.  Telecompute's application also acts to identify the changes that the application requires to further support and assist your business without investing time and money.

A client engagement model is a critical factor for success factor in any outsourced software development project. It takes a number of well educated people and a mature development process to create software. Telecompute has made this process simple.

Telecompute's client engagement approach is built on its massive investment in the development of:

A. a stable and solid software base of a agile database engine, serviced by SQL, XML and fast client server technology

B. a library of building blocks ready to be deployed in building any application in administrative, business, accounting and web development

C. a generalized business and accounting software.
This plan becomes the foundation for our clients to determine their software requirements, in relations to the myriad of features available in the application. This approach ensures that the goals are clear, end results are well defined, budget is met, the client is in agreement, and while the application is being built a prototype is made available with the entire menus within the shortest possible time and the client has expended the least amount to get to its objectives.

Changes are easily made to this model.
1. We are focused and have a systematic approach to our client's process
2. We work with the client to formulate the object
3. Having our DigitalAnchor and Twine architecture, the most sophisticated and yet simple integrated business application, at your disposal, we can easily provide a top quality, cost effect, timely solutions

Since 1976, Telecompute has been involved in the development of core technologies such as designing and architecting operating systems, language development, database design and high speed data access algorithms.  Specifically, Telecompute has developed DigitalAnchor SQL and XML parser and client server management, as well as application software such as communications software, fax development, financial and accounting system such as Networth. Telecompute has now developed Twine integrated software that works simultaneously in intranet and Internet environment.. All of these developments have been done in a simple, organized manner without compromising on power or speed.


Platforms - Windows, .NET,  OS - (Windows,, Window NT, Windows 2000)

Databases - (SQL, DigitalAnchor, Twine Embedded Engines, Print engine, Multi-Language, Help Text, RFID

Programming Languages - VB, ASP, Java, SQL, XML,

Application Servers - WebSphere,  IIS, open source

Applications - Business and Industry
Small Business
Medium Business
POS Retail, Wholesale, Distribution
Content Management
(Documents, email, Notes)
Customer Relationship management
Supply chain management
Enterprise solutions
Data warehousing
Security Applications

Offshore Development
We have an excellent team in Canada for client consulting, project development and management. However, the bulk of the development work is outsourced to offshore locations where either the staff is directly under the payroll of Telecompute or we have created a partnership in the interest in the offshore company. Our partnerships are a vital extension to our business. We have the virtual infrastructure maintain by one of our companies, Endless Communications Inc. The complete organization provides our clients with:

Cost effective solutions
Access to vast pool of specialized skill.
Easy deployment

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