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Digital Anchor

The DigitalAnchor Library consists of core objects with no dependencies. These are the foundation blocks for the development of DigitalAnchor Knots, Twine Knots and the Twine Integrated Business Software

1. DigitalAnchor Database

DigitalAnchor Database engine has functions to manage the database structure. It is the foundation and is the core product of the entire family of DigitalAnchor products.

The part of a database management system (DBMS) that actually stores and retrieves data, DigitalAnchor has an Application Programming Interface (API) that enables you to directly control the engine through a direct user interface. It also has a built-in interface through SQL or XML. Additionally, DigitalAnchor is the only database engine that has a direct interface with the Internet that is connected through the client server interface. 

The DigitalAnchor engine is very small, compact program, (about ½ MB), and is extremely quick and easy to administrate. Currently versions are available for Windows 2000, XP, 2003.

Database functions
Data access functions work to access data in a table, such as retrieving data from a specified text, binary or index files. Each function returns information about a specific database, available databases, or performs a database-related task, such as opening or closing a database as well as storing and retrieving and modifying data. Index functions, return information about an index or indexes, or perform a task that affects an index, such as dropping, deleting, or adding it.

Business Environment and configuration functions
Each function returns information about the business application environment, such as the supported table, field and index types.

Query functions
Each function performs a query task, such as preparing and executing the basic code underlying the SQL functions.

Table functions
Each function returns information about a specific table, such as the properties of every data element defined in the business database, all the links on the table, the indexes open on the table, etc. Functions in this category can also perform global functions such copying, archiving and deleting.

Currency/Number and Date/time format functions
Each function sets or retrieves date or time, or decodes/encodes date and time into or from a special data format to similar formats or to strings for easy user interface. 

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