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Twine is an Open Source Integrated Business and accounting software suitable for small and medium size businesses. Twine can also be utilized in departments, stores and offices of large enterprises. Twine maintains the administrative and accounting functions of the organization. The software package is designed to integrate database functions, business and financial functions to allow for the recording of all business activities and promotes the universal access to all information. Twine has a wide adaptability across a variety of different industries and businesses. The current version runs on the Windows platform, in single user or multi-user network environment. A security management function provides security from unauthorized access from external sources and regulates the access of internal users to that information that has previously been approved.

It is accessible on personal computers, via network servers and on web servers; therefore, all business information is simply available from anywhere in the world. Twine has been developed using an independent language, which permits the wider acceptability of this software since it supports a multi-lingual "look" at the same database.

The software consists of multiple objects, functioning independently and having well defined and tested properties.

Twine Business and Accounting Package is a layer of user-friendly software routines that are suitable for many different types of industries and businesses. It is built on the TwineKnots and DigitalAnchor platform. The software package is modular and language independent. Twine has delivered a successful and very simple IT application that is the final solution to a business that wants a simple, low-cost alternative to complex and difficult software packages that boast similar functionality at an extremely high cost.

Each of the following Twine applications are available and have the ability to stand alone except for the requirement of the Office Application which is standard across the Twine platform.

Twine Office Manager
Twine Customer Relationship Management
Twine Purchase and Payable
Twine Accounts Receivable
Twine Payroll System
Twine Human Resource Management
Twine Financial System
Twine Projects and Activities Scheduler
Twine Asset Management


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