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Telecompute is committed to supporting the medium- and large-business sectors through services, solutions, and innovative technology that enhance productivity and maximize results. Over the years, our partnerships with dependable companies have helped us to understand better the IT needs of our clients and the community we serve. With this experience, we have been more able to determine the most important value that can be added to reselling software and hardware to our clients.

Hardware products include computers (servers, workstations, notebooks), monitors and televisions, printers, point-of-sale, media, and digital cameras.

Software products include SMB solutions, Twine Business Solution, Digital Anchor, Digital Stick, Internet monitoring, anti-virus and security, and miscellaneous packaged software.

Key technology partners of Telecompute include Lenovo, Toshiba, IBM, Dell, HP/Compaq, Kingston, Samsung, Viewsonic, Microsoft, Logitec, Canon, Symantec, NEC, Maxtor, Seagate, ATI, APC, Tripplite, Net Gear, Linksys, Cisco, and many more.

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