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Company Background:

Telecompute International was established in 1976, and has its headquarters in Toronto, Canada.

Telecompute and its family of businesses have been proud Canadian companies for over 25 years.  Focused in the world of microprocessor based software development and information technology, the Telecompute family of businesses was a pioneer in the computer technology industry, taking risks with new innovations in the 70's. Our strong belief in the power of technology has allowed us to grow and become a strong member of the industry.  Over the years, our partnerships with IBM, Microsoft, HP, Toshiba, NEC and many more have helped us better understand the IT needs of our clients and the community we serve.  We have focused on all aspects of IT; including hardware service and sales, internet and most of all software development.

In the eighties and early nineties, Telecompute was extremely successful with its Networth integrated accounting software for small businesses. Telecompute has since accelerated the development of IT solutions for small and medium business incorporating accounting applications with its software packages, services, and solutions that enhance productivity and maximize results. These products have all been completely developed in-house and are proudly Canadian.  The innovative and original ideas of Telecompute have resulted in the creation of the DigitalAnchor database engine.  Using DigitalAnchor, Telecompute has provided simple tools to hundreds of software developers and businesses.  Additionally, Telecompute offers Twine and iTwine on-demand hosted applications.

Telecompute’s solutions are the ideal choice over the high priced alternative solutions offered by many of the top software competitor in today’s industry.

Telecompute’s line of software applications and customized professional and educational services fulfills a broad spectrum of business needs. Telecompute is committed to delivering Windows based development solutions that are powerful, affordable, and easy to use.


Telecompute optimizes business operations and drastically reduces the capital investment required to maintain an up-to-date IT environment. The Telecompute team consists of individuals who have a vision and dedication to the needs of its customers and partners.

Out team’s entrepreneurial skills, their in-depth experience and proven track-record has allowed Telecompute to achieve significant business results for our customers.

Our people in effect form a special bond with small businesses and become their IT partner.

Through the Twine integrated business solution, the Telecompute team assists clients to achieve a strategic transformation of their business by maximizing the business value of their investments through a combination of the following skills:

Subject Matter Expertise - extensive knowledge of the subject area, both at the technical and the business level
Project Management - proven track-record in the delivery of Twine Applications on time, on-budget and to specification
Business Process Re-engineering - knowledge of industry best practices and their application in an industry-specific basis
On-Demand Application hosting and Outsourcing – in-depth and current knowledge of the latest trends and issues; in hardware and software technology, government regulations and legal implications.

IT Resource Management

Today's technical environment is characterized by constant waves of new technology making it difficult for small and medium businesses to meet their information needs. Recognizing this need, Telecompute develops an IT partnership with its clients diminishing the business’ need for in-house IT personnel.  Our team of IT professionals has the capability to identify and provide exceptional service and solutions for small and medium business sector.  Let Telecompute act as your company’s IT team.

Business Process Outsourcing

The prevailing business wisdom suggests that companies should focus on core-competencies while shedding all non-core functions. Outsourcing has become a practical response to this trend.  By outsourcing your IT responsibilities to Telecompute, your business is now able to concentrate on its core functions, promoting further growth and development.  With the Telecompute team of professionals supporting Twine based solutions, business owners can take advantage of our on-demand hosted applications backed by our experienced and skilled team.


Our long term direction is to service and support the SME sector. We understand the needs of the small businesses. We identify ourselves with them as we too have experience the same growth cycle, its challenges and rewards. Our growth depends on the small and medium businesses and while we are enjoying this trust, we will remain focused in our vision of integrated software approach by adding more capabilities to our valued clients.

Customers and Partners

Telecompute's development tools and components are the leading choice of entrepreneurs, resellers and integrators servicing the SME market. Telecompute’s customers include companies of all sizes and from various industries who rely on our products for a wide variety of application development projects; such as portal development, document management, business process automation, and web services development.

Telecompute’s Twine business solution is widely accepted by businesses as they become threatened by current market trends.  The traditional low-priced solutions are not as functional and have recently been acquired by large corporations who have changed the licensing rules and the costing algorithms on these products.

Telecompute’s mission statement and its belief in the democratization of software and reverse costing algorithms are all designed to assist small businesses in their future growth with no threat of surprises.

Product Benefits

For small businesses, Twine’s cost effective software generates a wealth of information for better decision making. Its on-demand feature gives small businesses a great advantage, as accurate information is available to the sales people in office and on road while the processing of orders becomes simple and accurate.

Telecompute’s diverse family of software tools increases the productivity of developers and lowers the total cost of ownership for related applications and technologies. All Telecompute products feature an intuitive visual user interface and an array of powerful, yet easy-to-use features that simplify development projects and allow developers to produce higher-quality applications more quickly than ever before.


Telecompute is a major player in the software tools industry and the undisputed leader in providing simple, yet powerful and low cost integrated products to satisfy the small business market. The company stays on top of technological developments and industry standards and is known for keeping ahead of the technology trends with state of art products and services that maximize development results. Our people communicate regularly with our customers and partners in order to constantly improve our product. Telecompute understands small business and their unique needs; we are constantly making innovative upgrades to our product line. Telecompute delivers exceptional quality and value products.

Telecompute DigitalAnchor Knots have been built based on the industry standard database environment for modeling, editing, debugging, and creating applications. Database developers that need the simplest SQL, web services, and database technologies can utilize the DigitalAnchor Knots for their needs.

The Telecompute Twine Knots are industry standard business objects that utilize pre-defined business elements enabling system developers to create custom applications. The Twine knots are anchored to DigitalAnchor’s secure engine and DA Knots enabling a concrete foundation for data management and processing.

Telecompute’s Twine Integrated Business and Accounting Software is the premier business and accounting application, which is an incorporated system that has the ability to expand as your business grows.

Support and Services

DigitalAnchor products are supported by our staff. However we introduced these products on an open platform, meaning our customers and partners have unlimited access to a group of highly qualified developers and its user community for support. Check FAQ for more details to your query.

Twine business products are supported by our unique distant learning Internet site, which is constantly being upgraded and further developed. Users will get instant responses to their queries by on-line staff and users of Twine Applications.

Telecompute Educational Services offers a variety of on-site and online training courses to meet the needs of customers engaged in application development projects. It provides a hands-on approach, enabling students to learn advanced concepts faster and become and become highly proficient in our software.


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